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By princess-spam ( 5 )
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As many of you will know, on January 12th 2010 HAITI was struck by the strongest earthquake to hit the Caribbean nation in more than two centuries. Measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale, the devastation is immense: hospitals, schools, homes and lives have...
By trickcow ( 10 Medal_bronze_2 )
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In recent events, the Haitian earthquake has caused a major catastrophe in worldwide history. For every dollar that is donated, the HDRS will match that donation, up to $1,000 dollars. The money that you donate goes directly 100% to the people of Hait...
By apatterson11 ( 2 )
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What happened in Haiti was devastating and I want to help. It was hard for me to think of a way to help but I figure people usually like to see other people do embarrassing things. SO IF I CAN RAISE $500 I PROMISE I WILL CROSSDRESS FOR A FULL DAY. Im ...
By katieparks ( 0 )
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We want 2010 to be a year for helping others. Habitat for Humanity is going to Pondicherry, India in July and we would love the chance to be a part of this life changing experience, for us and for the people of Pondicherry. The biggest obstacle for us ...
By @forgeconnection ( 18 Medal_bronze_2 )
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We're teaming up on February 13th to treat six women from San Francisco's very poor Tenderloin District to a day at the spa! These women are hoping to get job interviews and find meaningful work, so we're going to pamper them in preparation. Haircuts, ...
By @digitsquared ( 0 )
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I need to raise $30,000 in order to invest and grow it substantially. I plan to use huge amounts of money for opening homelessness recovery shelters, food and clothing donation, and donations to disease and disorder research. The money will be invested...
By iduart ( 3 )
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Hello! We are Brian and Carol...a married couple that wants to share the love of Christ with others. God tells us to go and love...bringing the good news to all nations! This summer we have the wonderful opportunity to go to Africa and minister to the ...
By rootsofthemessiah ( 34 Medal_bronze_1 )
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Please share this on Facebook, Twitter, Email, YouTube and whatever you can to Donate. We need to come up with $6500 in order to proceed with Marie's surgery as planned. We know there will be more costs but we are focused on her surgery at the moment. ...
By jacarisk ( 0 )
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a year ago I lost my job, I could not collect unemployment because I was denied. my wife became ill and had to leave where we lived, now sleep in the living room of a friend and our unique properties (the car and computer) are unpaid six months ago. Cr...
By @johnantoni ( 0 )
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Hello all, John's doing the Rob Roy Challenge, an event that covers 55 miles thru the Scottish highlands by foot & bicycle, and would be very greatful for your support. All money goes to charity, and he'll even tweet his progress so you can make su...
By stacyda20 ( 0 )
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We currently have no a/c and living in Texas it is very hard on us. There is two children in the home who this is also affecting. I was laid off of my job 4 weeks ago and I am doing my best to keep the bills up to date. Please help us raise the $400.0...
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I bet you $1 you are reading this. =)