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We believe to revive rural America, we must restore traditional farms. We want our Government to support the hardworking farmers of America, not burden them with excessive rules.

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Campaign Updated 02/21/2014A Small Businessman Who Said "NO!"Join One Man's Fight Against Runaway BureaucracyIf anyone’s rights are savaged by state tyranny—anyone could be next.We must go the distance to support Mark Baker at his court case from Marc...
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Help a Family Dairy Farm Survive Misfortune!and Rescue 134 Farm Animals!Chisholm Family Dairy in Nebraska sells fresh milk to local customers. Financial disaster has befallen this farm in the middle of a harsh winter. They, and their animals need your ...
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Defend your rights to Healthy Food!Get the Government out of Private and Personal Health Decisions!Please support the Hershberger family with charitable relief and help to defray any legal expenses, as Vernon sets out to defend your American right to p...